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overdue post [Sep. 3rd, 2017|08:44 pm]
[mood |awake]

long time I forget about LJ ,
lets seee,

Meet Nero

Pic's from Cesfur ^^
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LJ works ,! [Dec. 29th, 2016|09:49 am]

I un installed chrome and now it works ^^
it wouldn't work with Firefox IE or chrome ,
experimenting more :P
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is it broke ? [Dec. 29th, 2016|08:06 am]
can't see anyones posts :P
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Wow ! a post :) [Jun. 5th, 2016|08:11 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]

I didn't totally forget LJ .
occasionally I browse it .

maybe more so once I retire
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Wow ! a post :) [Feb. 20th, 2015|08:57 pm]
totally forgot about this , still functional I see .

Hope everyone that uses this is well .
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New Pups [Aug. 24th, 2013|01:41 pm]
Now I have 3 ,,,Meet Daisy

Back in Feb one of the drivers where I work was doing a good deed & taking a drunk home from bowling night. fell in the drunks driveway after getting him in the house and was not found till the next AM ..

no one else wanted her and she became mine May 1st :)
she is Max's sister , same litter ,
and they get along fine . ,post of the time


yes late but I do remember LJ from time to time :)
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Dogs [Jul. 19th, 2013|11:54 am]
[mood |sadsad]

Few things make me tear up , and this was one of them,

It's nice to see people that actually care for their pets & not dump them as they get older and go for the Cute puppies right away.

20 is darn good for a dog .
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Cesfur [Jul. 9th, 2013|10:31 am]
forgot to post a pic of our chariot to the con site ~!

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Cons & no AC this year [Jul. 8th, 2013|10:15 am]
this year is thin in the con dept. so far . so I decided to try different things.

http://www.cesfur.org/en/ was the big trip for the summer and Wow , what a time it was :)

Great people made the trip very memorable . a Big thanks to Scheriff who was a great tour guide , taking myself & tzup all over Prague before the con & after
Tamu for providing living space before & after the con , Rustyfox for the transport to and from the con site in a 1962 Barkas B1000 complete with animals painted on the sides ;)
definitely a trip to remember ,
hope to make it back next year !
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Adventure with Sprint ! [Nov. 29th, 2012|07:09 pm]
I've been with sprint for,, wow I cant remember . Long time./ part of the nextel transfer .

I had a Windows mobile 6.5 TP2 ,
I was holding off ,not wanting to pay the excessive rates for the new stuff ./

it was a standoff . I liked my 39.99 plan with unlimited data , but not allowed to move to a modern smart phone unless I changed to a new plan.

A few weeks ago I decided to take the plunge , their 450 plan with unlimited data extra fees , charges and the 10$ premium data fee.

the phone was awesome . Motorola PhotonQ 4G LTE even ! sales associate said we would have LTE in less than a year , and the new phone would connect to the 3G network better than my old TP2 . ( silly me for believing this )

BUT sprint's own maps still claim my area it 3G .

The phone even said 3G on it's display ..

Then it matches the virgin mobile map with 1X coverage very sparse .
I can understand they wouldnt want people to know the Real coverage ( or lack of )

seems like false advertising to me but ...

speeds were painfully slow , I went into the internal menu and it says 1X RTT . The display on the front still says 3G ! they can make a phone lie too ! :)

on day 12 I finally decided enough with Americas slowest network and returned the phone .

BUT the 14 day 100% satisfaction Guarantee is only for phones purchased , you still have to pay the activation fee , month of service & admon fees , taxes surcharges restocking fee , basically it's a $130 test drive in the end.

studying sprints maps I can see the sneaky way they sorta almost claim 3G in areas they don't have it .

Go to their map and look at Erie Pa , it Looks like they have 3G coverage from Ohio to NY , all dark purple .

Sprint 3G & more they call it ,

Hit the Filter coverage by Sprint 3G & more for more info and POOF ! magically no more 3G !! So why was I paying a $10. premium data fee for 1X ???

One of my communications with tech finally revealed they have no plans to Improve the network in this area anytime in the future , 3G or 4G , (sales person lied :P )

So I am now waiting for my new phone from AT&T .

I figure if I am going to pay a premium for data & service I Should get the service to match instead of excuses .

sprint wanted me to use an airave in home but what about outside ?? no service means no service ..

Good Bye Sprint , I Really don't think you can catch up with how far you are behind
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